Saturday, April 7, 2012

What brought you here?

I love Google Stats, I like to see where my audience is from, how they got to my blog and the key words that brought them to my site.

Today someone from India was directed to my blog searching for information about " a day in the life of a poor Trinidadian". I Googled this phrase and got 4,410,000 hits, my blog came in at number 17 with a link to the Library Day in the life of Round 8 post.

What are the most interesting keywords that brought readers to your blog?


Semi-A said...

That's very interesting. But I have to ask something. Were you at all offended or just thrown off by the search results?

Erica Beache said...

Hello Semi-A,

Welcome to the blog! I was NOT offended, I just thought it was interesting.

Aunty Nusrat said...

blogwalking from malaysia. with love n support

Erica Beache said...

I appreciate your kind words, thanks for visiting my blog.

Merlisa Lewis said...

I searched for "how to become a librarian in trinidad" and your blog was number #3 with a reference to your Thing #10 post. So google is working fine. :)
Your blog is very insightful.

Erica Beache said...

Hi Merlisa,

Welcome to my blog and thanks for participating! I'm pleased that the post was useful in your search for information about librarianship in Trinidad.