Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thing 20: Library Routes/Roots

I wrote a bit about this is in Thing 10. The  first opportunity came whilst I was working part time as a Data Entry Clerk.  The position was at a school library  but it would require me to leave Trinidad and go to our next island Tobago. I gladly took the position because it was full time and paid more than I was making at the time.  I worked basically as a 'solo librarian' with the assistance of a Teacher who did some library courses as part of her degree.

I returned to Trinidad after 9 months and I've worked at libraries in various government ministries since. By the way, I was pleasantly surprised in September at my final study school in Aberystwyth when I met the same Teacher from Tobago who was attending her first study school for her Masters degree in Library and Information Studies.

I've noticed from the Library Routes wiki, that most persons have experiences similar to mine in that librarianship was not the first choice as a profession.

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